Crafter’s Business Cards

Customizable business cards are great for crafters who sell their work. Whether the selling takes place at online platforms like eBay, Etsy or MadeItMyself, through individual websites, or at local craft shows and fairs, business cards are handy items to use in promoting craft sales. Tuck them into shipped items, so the buyer always has a ready way to find you again. The crafted item you are set to ship maybe a gift for someone. Then you certainly want your card to go along.

My daughter found a perfect gift for me from an Etsy Shop. She had it shipped directly to me and with it came the crafter’s card. I was delighted to discover the shop that it came from. So boldly proclaim that you do sell craft items. Order business cards and keep them as part of your supply collection. Each of these cards is personalized for your unique craft business. Click on your favorite to see more about it, customize it, or browse even more crafter’s business cards.


Purlicious Business Card Black & Orange Elegance Sewing/Dressmaking
Jewelry Designer The Knitting Basket Framed Rose Card
Sew Magical Handcrafted Elegance Black Crochet & Yarn
Craft Artist Card Color Classics Card Elegant Damask
Crafter Photo Card Papercrafts Card Yarn Works Photo Card
Blue Gingham Card Sewing Crafts Card Country Crafter Card



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