Mugs and Cups

For all those crafters who enjoy a little coffee, tea, or whatever with their crafting time, mugs and cups designed just with a crafter in mind are ideal gifts. Available in several sizes and styles, these mugs are easy to customize and personalize just for your crafty gift. Dishwasher and microwave safe, so they’re perfect for the busy crafter. Make sure to get one just for yourself, too. Here are our choices for craft mugs and cups. Click on your favorite to see more about, purchase it, or browse more mugs and cups for the crafter.


Knitted Mug Quilting Mug All Buttoned Up
Glitter Mug Yarn Skeins Eat, Sleep, Bead
Craft Queen Origami Swan Quilters Heart
Crocheted Strawberries Butterflies Craft Plays with Yarn
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