Basic Tote Bags

Basic tote bags work great for all those crafts that have few supplies you want to actually organize. I use a basic tote for my crochet projects. I usually only carry the yarn, my crochet hook and a small pair of scissors. It all goes right in to the tote without extra frills. When I am working on a kit, everything I need is usually contained in the kit itself so I don’t need room to do more organizing of my craft supplies. But, I love cute bags, especially when I carry them around with me. They will always get a remark. Here are some favorites. Just click on your choice to see more about it, purchase it, or browse more basic tote bags for your craft supplies.

Crafters Vision White Rose Tote Ladybug Tote Bag
Ocean Love Tote Personalize Plaid Tote Monogram Tote Bag
Mushrooms Tote Bag I Love Knitting Tote Yarnaholics Tote Bag
Baby Monkey Tote Vintage Paper Dolls Organized Yarn
Single Red Rose I Love Making Stuff Sunflower Tote
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