Small Pieces Organizers

Every crafter has some supplies that fit into the “small pieces” category. But many crafts deal heavily with small pieces. Jewelry making and cross stitching are prime examples. We want to keep the different colors and designs separated so we can find exactly what we want without searching through boxes of stuff. Organizers with small compartments are ideal for these craft supplies. Securely closing lids are a must. We want to prevent that idea of tipping a box over and watching in horror as tiny beads go rolling everywhere. We have pulled together our best choices for small pieces organizers here. Click on your favorite to see more about it, purchase it, or browse more craft supply organizers.

24 Bead Jars & Case Spinning Bead Organizer Ultimate Stacker 5-piece
Bobbin Organizer Carousel Bead Organizer Small Purple Bead Organizer
Floss Organizer 6-Stack Jar Organizer 8-Section Circular
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