Use Service Trays to Organize Craft Supplies

Organize Craft SuppliesTo organize craft supplies, we all need plenty of options. Service trays make another great option. A way to keep tools, brushes, and other regularly needed supplies handy is what a service tray can do for you. Why not choose one that is ideal for your own love of crafting?

The Value of Service Trays

For those of us who have specialty tools for our crafting, we seem to always look for additional ways to keep things handy. That’s one of the great things about service trays. Everything can be handy for you.

I keep a service tray sitting on top of my rolling craft cart. When I want to work on a particular project, I roll my cart full of my supplies to my work table. The service tray helps organize craft supplies for me.

With 2-incher borders all around, everything stays in place. Handles on each end make it easy to move around. From the top of the cart, to the work table and back.

Organize Craft Supplies with Style

Everything I use for organizing my craft supplies I like to have inspiring to me. Beautiful looks that can send my imagination further. That’s why these service trays are great. Beautiful looks and inspiring designs.

Service Trays to Organize Craft Supplies

All of us crafters have lots of tools and supplies that are used for many of our projects over and over again. Even things as simple as safety pins, marking pencils, clips and needles can sit safely in a service tray.

If you have lots of small containers for your craft supplies, a service tray can keep them all together for you. Instead of having all those little containers spread around your work space, have them all in one place. When you need something, just slide the whole tray over. Pick what you want. Slide it out of the way. Simple, huh? I agree.

We are all about making our crafting time more efficient. We want to spend our time on our projects, not searching for what we need.

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  1. Sandra Rose says:

    What a great idea to use these service trays for my craft room! When I move a handful of things to a different place in the house (like to the TV room) I don’t have to repack them! Just use them on the tray and move around! I love the Washi tray! A fun look for my craft room!

  2. Mandee says:

    Service trays are wonderful little inventions! I use them all over the house! For the craft room they can certainly keep the items you are working with contained but nicely within reach!

  3. Cynthia says:

    I have often used trays when crafting simply because the allow me to move my crafting area from room to room, or chair to couch.

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